The Messiah Business

One thing about the messiah business is you can pretty much see where it’s headed, right from the start, though only a fool would say it helps to know what’s coming. People still want to be saved, often as not. Just ask them when they’re down or they’re broke. Yet as a job class, messiahs rank below process servers. Most folks can’t be bothered to sniff the sample jar of anything new or different in the way of world-views. Tell them it’s free and all they need to contemplate is their navels, and they will love you forever. They’ll give you money, help you get laid, worship your radiant visage, and build a temple. But don’t ask them to change a damn thing, especially not their minds. For that they will kill you, and by morning forget your name. Being a messiah is not for sissies. In my experience, it’s nothing but a capital-B bitch.

– Philip Machen, undated note