Maker Messiah

What’s it About? A preview of Ed’s near-future, sociological science-fiction novel:

A grieving mathematician unleashes 50 million Trojan horse matter replicators to eliminate scarcity and dethrone the world’s power elites but to complete his sworn revenge he must become what he most hates: a fake messiah.

Math prodigy Philip Machen discovers a means to change the world, but before he can convince anyone, a pious madman incinerates his family. Bereft, Philip swears the perfect revenge–not to kill the killer, but to transform society. He unleashes an irresistible Trojan horse technology that empowers ordinary people and dethrones the world’s power elites, overnight. While mass markets wither and corporations collapse, Philip implores everyone to copy the 50 million matter replicators he has created, to share them freely, and to defend their new entitlements against a violent backlash. Confused and alarmed, Americans splinter into Tories who want to stop him and Freemakers who need the replicators to survive.

Will his Maker machines generate liberty, prosperity, and a new sharing sensibility? Or will they plunge the world into chaos? Ordinary citizens–including an unemployed pilot, his alcoholic father, and an FBI agent–must decide. In pursuit of their own agendas, these men track Philip to the summit of the Devil’s Mountain, where they face each other over drawn guns. Now hair-trigger impulses define their choices: kill Philip Machen; defend him to the death; or shoot a man you love, to keep his side from winning.

Got freedom?

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Maker Messiah First Twenty Pages

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Freemaker by Ed MIracle

Drawings by Linda Stewart